About me

Welcome to my Homepage. My name is Lena Pe Pålsson and I am an actress. I have performed in several stage productions and short films, working sometimes as a supporting actress and in a leading role in others.

I have two showreels from a couple of the latest films I have acted in: The Heist and Ping Pong. But, lets start from the beginning. I qualified firstly, as a teacher and worked as such for several years whilst taking singing lessons in my spare-time. During the nineties I was in a few opera performances. I furthered my education by taking drama lessons between 1993 and 1996. I studied using the Stanislavskij Method of acting techniques. In 1996 my drama teacher, Richard P. Matthews, considered I was ripe to go forth into the world and compete with other professional actors and I was involved in several stage productions after that.


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